Monday, 30 May 2011

Houghton dressage day

Yesterday I took Mr Fudge to Houghton International Horse Trials to take part in an unaffiliated dressage competition run under BRC rules. There was a team competition (2 riders rode P12, and 2 riders rode N34) and warm up classes as an individual competition.

The warm up area was on part of the cross country course, so we warmed up around the XC fences next to Kai Ruder  :-)

Fudge behaved himself as the superstar he is (I know, I'm biased) apart from one small strop when he bounced on the spot as a protest to me picking the reins up again after the 'stretch on a 20m trot circle' at the end of N24, silly boy! I giggled my way down the centre line at the end of the test as I was still laughing at him, we like to make the judge smile  ;-)

Anyway to keep this brief, we got exactly the same score - 64.6% in both N24 and N34, from 2 different judges, and it turned out to be 8th place in both, talk about consistent! The team I was in came 2nd, so we came home with 3 rosettes and a bottle of Norfolk cordial as a prize for the 2nd placed team. Very pleased with that, Fudge went well and for once I felt I rode properly!

Sadly it was not that well organised, it started about 25 mins late, and some of the arena markers were not in the correct places! Results were also an hour late coming out, but hey, it's the first time they've run it, and they said they will do it again next year and wanted feedback/ideas.

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