Friday, 31 December 2010

Review of 2010

My 2010 goals were:
- take Fudge on riding holiday (went to Norfolk in summer)
- do JumpCross training and competition (did one of each)
- XC/ODE (did 3 hunter trials)
- more Trec competitions and try level 2 again (did one L1 and two L2's in a pair with Mary, plus a winter indoor)
- stay overnight in lorry (3 times)
- get more than 60% in Novice dressage (according to my sheets we did that 4 times, all unaffiliated)
- do Elementary dressage (did it twice)
Plus it wasn't a goal at the start of the year, but doing more SJ got added part way through the year with a goal of jumping the dreaded 85cm which we managed by qualifying for BRC Festival of the Horse Combined Competition, so I jumped a course including many 85cm fences 3 times, and had numerous jumping lessons too  :-)
Phew, we managed to fit lots in there!!

Then in December I bought a foal ... which also hadn't been a goal for 2010, but has been on the back burner for the last few years ...

Anyway - goals for me and Fudge for 2011:
- more level 2 Trec, hopefully a qualifier if we can get to one on suitable dates, as they are supposed to be much more difficult, and possibly including competing as an individual if I'm feeling really brave
- long distance riding, Suzanne and I are intending to ride the Mary Towneley Loop this summer
- JumpCross competitions (do Intro level again, then hopefully have a go at the next class up)
- arena eventing (a local venue is running some this winter)

Goals for me and Toffee for 2011:
  - lead properly  :-)
  - pick all 4 feet up willingly - it turns out that someone else had taught him this (I assume his breeder) as he did this perfectly for me last week, and we haven't looked back since!
  - gradual separation from his fellow foal companion as they are now inseparable ...
  - become a gelding - him, not me  ;-)

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Toffee's arrival

I've been rather busy over the last couple of weeks, and here's why.
Today we collected my new boy, Toffee.
Photos of Toffee's arrival on Photobox
Photos on facebook
He is chestnut and white, but we think the brown bits will turn roan. His passport says roan.
I am a sucker for white legs and belly splash, and a big white blaze  :-)
His Mum is TB and his Dad is ID x Hackney, bizarrely!
He should make 16hh to 16.1hh, or so his breeder reckons.
Very proud Mum  :-)